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e-Pay Payment Solutions is the card processing program that is outside of our Refund Transfer programs.

We made it easy to have a debit and credit card processing program that has a low interest rate all year without monthly fees or being worried about making minimum processing requirements outside of the tax season. You don’t even have to provide refund transfers with us to take advantage of this amazing payment processing program!

FAQs for Credit and Debit Card Payment Processing

Q: What is payment processing?

Q: What is merchant services?

Q: What is included in merchant services?

Q: How long does a credit card payment take to process? What about debit cards?

Q: How long will it take to set up the debit and credit card processing system?

Q: Do I need to be approved or pre-approved for tax merchant services programs?

Q: Does my business need to be registered as a corporation to open a merchant account?

Q: Why would I want to choose e-Pay over a different company?

Q: Is SwipeSimple cloud-based?

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